Israel made a huge, huge miscalculation using a Russian military aircraft as a plane shield against the Syrians


"Hiding behind the Russian aircraft, the Israeli pilots put it in the line of fire of Syrian anti-aircraft systems. As a result, the Il-20 ... was shot down by the (Syrian) S-200 missile system," the ministry's Konashenkov said.


Putin has now warned Netanyahu, just as he warned Erdogan earlier after Turkey shot down a Russian fighter jet at the border between Turkey and Syria.

I believe if Israeli jets put any Russian military in Syria in such a position again, Israeli flights will be targeted thereafter. If the systems now in Syria prove incapable of downing those jets, new Russian systems will be deployed and used that will have the capability, will be used, and will down Israeli jets that violate the clear rules established by Putin.

Any such outcome will be entirely Israel's fault, and the US had better be prepared to simply tell the Israelis not to make such mistakes, as the US will not come to their aid in such circumstances and will not threaten Russia over Russian actions described.

UPDATE: Russia will be "deploying automated protection systems at Russia's air and naval bases in Syria." That means Russian weapons might fire without having to get human approval. That would mean that Israeli planes could be hit just for triggering the Russian systems by getting too close or making moves that appear hostile, etc. It's a clear warning to Israel that Israel's days of flying in Syrian airspace on extremely short notice may well be over at least in areas near Russian facilities protected by the automated systems.

I doubt Russia will distance itself from Iran or Hezbollah over the matter. It might do just the opposite. Sooner or later, Russia is going to require a much larger mutual-defense-treaty system than it has. That system might have to include Syria, just the way the USSR included all the nations in the Warsaw Pact.

It would be much better if the world would wake up and disarm. Must it first undergo Armageddon?

Dear God, why is humanity collectively so utterly stupid?

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