Trump: Declassified Russia probe papers expose 'bad things'

Wow, this article is really straining to spin.

Contrary to all the hyperbolic arm-waving in the article, the single most important question is whether there has been a hard or soft coup attempt to overthrow the government, which here means overthrowing the administration in the person of Donald Trump. It is a fundamental Constitutional issue that outweighs every single "worry" raised in the article.

In addition, Trump's objective of declassifying the information for the purpose of exposing any such coup can be fully done without exposing anyone to the worries raised.

I have always maintained that the entire Russiagate narrative was conjured up out of thin air for the sole purpose of bringing down Donald Trump. If I'm proved right, then a coup will have been proven.

Furthermore, everyone targeted and charged and/or convicted based upon the fraudulent proximate cause of the whole thing conjured up in entirely bad faith should have all such charges and convictions set aside on well-established technical Constitutional grounds.

As for punishing the coup plotters, I leave that to others to decide, but charging, convicting, and sentencing should be done.

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