Iran: Pompeo's demands are Israel's commands

Among Pompeo's demands was the release of Americans jailed by Tehran, an end to its nuclear and missile programs and for Iran to withdraw its forces and end financial support for sides in the conflicts in Syria and Yemen.


What exactly has Iran done that it isn't entitled to nuclear power, missiles, and to choose which sides to support in Syria and Yemen?

It isn't a US proposal. It's an Israeli proposal.

How about if Israel gives up its nuclear weapons and missiles; stops attacking its neighbors; gets the Hell out of the West Bank entirely; follows international law by allowing all Palestinian war refugees to return to their lands, villages, and homes; and gives everyone an equal vote with zero ethnocratic overrides? Maybe if Israel were to agree to all of that, Iran might contemplate the Israeli proposal hiding behind the US ostensible "treaty" offer.

The US is fronting the Israeli proposal because the US is targeting Russia and then China. Everyone who knows much of anything about geopolitics knows it too.

The US wants it all, but so does Israel. Someone will inherit a burned out cinder in need of resurrection. It won't be the right-wing Zionists. It won't be US neocons, who are pretending not to be right-wing Zionist Israel-firsters.

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