The New Anti-Semitism Isn't New & Isn't Anti-Semitism: Dimitri Lascaris v. Michael Levitt, Anthony Housefather, Justin Trudeau, et al.

Lately, with the attempt to redefine political criticism of Israel as "the new antisemitism," some organizations and groups have crossed the line. ...
... I make a point of saying that political Zionism began as a liberation movement against European antisemitism, and that it became a colonial-racist movement the second it saw Palestine as exclusively Jewish, as a place where rights could be doled out depending on upbringing, religion, and birthplace.
... Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, your constituents are watching. You are welcome to stand with Israel/ עם ישראל, as you should with all minorities in this country, for we are all guests on Turtle Island. But when you stand with the Trump-like racist government of Benjamin Netanyahu בנימין נתניהו, you are saying to your constituents that you will support repressive regimes and their advocates at the cost of democracy in Canada.

Going after Dimitri on Twitter is a weak, pathetic move not worthy of a leader.


"Alt-Right March for Israel, Human Rights Activist Smeared as Anti-Semitic":

In Canada, Dimitri Lascaris called on B'Nai Brith to disavow a white supremacist who called for Trudeau's execution. He then found himself accused of being an anti-Semite.

The claim of anti-Semitism centers on that Dimitri Lascaris believes and states that certain right-wing-Zionist-supporting Jews in Canada's Parliament are more loyal to right-wing Zionist, ethnocratic Israel than to Canada. Watch the video and listen to Dimitri's reason for holding that position about the two MP's.

The so-called new definition (fake) of anti-Semitism was given out with examples of "anti-Semitism" that includes the accusation of being an Israel-firster, which the two Canadian MP's, Michael Levitt and Anthony Housefather, clearly are, as being an accusation inherently anti-Semitic.


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