US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo is such an utter liar when it comes to Venezuela

The only thing the US government is doing vis-a-vis Venezuela is supporting fascists. The US government is doing that solely to benefit the US plutocrats who own the US government and will continue owning and controlling it until the People of the United States rise up and takeover and establish democracy that permanently bans plutocracy.

The plutocrats are trying to make life more and more miserable in Venezuela. The plutocrats don't give a damn about the ordinary people of Venezuela. They only care about taking a huge cut of any money flowing in, through, and out of the Venezuelan economy. If regular Venezuelans have zero say, those plutocrats couldn't care less. In fact, they want the ordinary Venezuelans to have zero say.

Mike Pompeo is nothing but a brown-nosing liar: in short, a creep.

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  • Tom Usher

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