Russia says 'misled' by Israel in plane downing over Syria

Konashenkov said the Russian military received a call from Israeli command at 1839 GMT on the day of the incident to warn that Israel would be striking "north of Syria", where the Il-20 surveillance aircraft was monitoring the Idlib de-escalation zone.

Russia ordered its plane back to base. Then, "one minute" after Israel's call, its F-16 planes struck targets in Latakia in western Syria, he said.

"The misleading (information) by the Israeli officer regarding the location of the strikes made it impossible to guide the Il-20 to a safe location," said Konashenkov.

As the Il-20 was landing near Latakia, one of the F-16 planes "began manoeuvres" at 1859 GMT "getting closer to the Il-20", which was interpreted as a repeat attack by the Syrian air defence and resulted in it being shot down, he said.

"Monitoring the Il-20, the Israeli fighters used it as cover from the anti-aircraft missiles" and continued to patrol the area long after the Russian plane was shot down, he said.


The only reason the Israelis are lying about it is because it's their word against Russia's in the US and other world media. The Israelis know the Russians were monitoring the skies during the entire episode. It's all recorded. Not only that, but the Russians have to highly suspect the French of having conspired with the Israelis in an attempt to increase the confusion for the Syrians.

Erdogan's military shot down a Russian jet, but the entire thing was a much closer call.

As it is, the Russians are being extremely generous by pointing the finger at the Israeli officer who communicated with the Russians in what should be a deconfliction capacity rather than suggesting Israel's high command did it all deliberately.

Nevertheless, the Russians still hold the Israeli military and civilian leadership responsible for the level of professionalism of Israeli officers.

Russia will automatically act militarily against the Israeli military if something similar happens in future.

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