The serpents' Catch-22: "Israel sets October deadline to evacuate Bedouin village in West Bank"

Israel's Supreme Court has rejected petitions to prevent the move, siding with the authorities which say the village was built without the required permits. Palestinians say such documents are impossible to obtain.


Yes, in this post's title, I refer to the Israelis responsible for stealing the Bedouin's land as serpents. What does it mean? Is it anti-Semitic? It means they are liars and heartless. It is not "anti-Semitic," as there are plenty of Jews who agree with me. For it to be "anti-Semitic," it would have to be a statement against Jews collectively, which it is not. I'm singling out the serpents from the rest of the Jews.

As for the article stating that "Palestinians say such documents are impossible to obtain," Reuters knows full well that such documents are impossible to obtain. Reuters should state that emphatically, not simply say it as a claim made by the Palestinians.

The whining, war-crime committing, land-thieving Jew-serpents demand permits that those Jews make impossible to obtain. It's a self-evident scam by racist scum. Their allies are scum too for being their allies.

You think I'm being too harsh and that I shouldn't hurt the scums' feelings? They don't care about feelings. They only care about getting other people to cut them slack enough to get away with stealing land and murdering unarmed people in cold blood.

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