S-300 to Syria: what should the US do?

The Kremlin chief had taken a more conciliatory tone last week when he described the downing as the result of "tragic accidental circumstances".


Putin wasn't talking about Israel when he said that. He wasn't saying it wasn't an accident on Israel's part. He was saying it was an accident on Syria's part.

So, why did Israel hide behind the Russian plane? It hid because the Syrians had shot down an F-16 before via the S-200 system.

Why did Israel only give a minute's notice? Israel believes Russia might share the info with Iran, Syria, and/or Hezbollah but also so it can pull off stupid stunts such as hiding behind a Russian plane.

If the US and Israel don't like the S-300 system and more advanced radar being deployed to Syria, they should have thought about that before the stupid stunt.

If the US wasn't in on the stunt, and it might not have been, Trump should read Netanyahu the riot act and tell him not to jeopardize any more F-16's, as doing so makes US hardware look pathetically vulnerable. That's the crass capitalist approach. The real approach would be to make peace with Putin, lift all sanctions against Russia, and discuss merging the US and Russia into one truly democratic union.

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