Ruslan Boshirov is, in fact, Col. Anatoliy Chepiga: maybe, maybe not, in fact

Bellingcat is a joke, the neocon version of Alex Jones. Bellingcat gets major headline-coverage in the US mainstream because it's neocon, not because it's any good at revealing the real truth. Bellingcat jumps on anything it can spin into some momentary controversy for the sake of neoconservative, Western, plutocratic empire -- totally anti-democratic at its core. Bellingcat is debunked, but the debunking never sees the light of day in that same US mainstream corporate media.

I think the Russians should roll out Ruslan Boshirov and Col. Anatoliy Chepiga side-by-side in real time for all to see and to shoot down Bellingcat. If Boshirov and Chepiga are the same person, then why did the May government instantly say it was Russia before it had the CCTV images and why did it say it was the GRU agents for sure also before it had the CCTV images?

It sure looks like spin up the narrative and then piece things together much, much later in an attempt to lend any reasonable suspicion by conjuring up criminal "leads" while calling them proof positive.

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