Professional liars: "How an American Anthropologist Tied to US Regime-Change Proxies Became the MSM’s Man in Nicaragua"

While American officials condemned killings and abuses by the Nicaraguan government, scores of Sandinista members and national police officers were murdered by opposition gunmen; hundreds more were kidnapped, tortured and abused; and institutions affiliated with the government were destroyed.

Almost as soon as the Sandinista-led government defeated the coup attempt in July, it became the target of a sustained campaign of attacks in Western media. A raft of articles portrayed Ortega, the former guerrilla leader, as a reincarnation of the bloodthirsty, U.S.-backed dictator he had deposed, Anastasio Somoza. The opposition, meanwhile, was painted as a collection of peaceful protesters gunned down for supposedly demanding democracy.


This whole anti-Sandinista move is the same-old-CIA crap! The whole "journalism" front is nothing but Operation Mockingbird. The only reason it's working is because the plutocrats have purchased the Internet. The days of the Internet being free enough to speak truth to power are long over. The final effective nail in the coffin of the US First Amendment on the Internet was PropOrNot.

Think about it. People don't even ask where somebody went. Max Blumenthal, the author of the mintpressnews article is a best-selling author. He's not someone from way back. He's still fairly young. His best-seller isn't from a previous generation. However, he's suffering the same fate as Ralph Nader, as just one example among thousands. The super rich, who call all of the ultimate shots in the US and world, simply put out the order to cut us off. There's no democracy involved. It's simply an order from on high. The absolute monarchs decree a thing, and it's done with more enforcement vigor than any Presidential order issued by Donald Trump. Trump's a bit of a rogue when it comes to the plutocracy; however, he is being systematically reeled in with the design of making him heel and be completely obedient. Do you think he knows? He knows.

The most powerful anti-democratic force in the world ever has been the neocons fronting for the plutocracy of the US, not the Russians, certainly not Putin, quite the contrary, and not even China's totalitarian dictator, Xi.

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