Don't attack China by citing America's all but dead tradition of free speech and a free press

I'm completely opposed to the Chinese Communist Party's one-party dictatorship over China and of it's leader, Xi, having totalitarian authority over that Party and the nation, but the following rings more than a bit hollow:

"In disseminating its propaganda, China's government is availing itself of America's cherished tradition of free speech and a free press by placing a paid advertisement in the Des Moines Register," Branstad wrote.

"In contrast, at the newsstand down the street here in Beijing, you will find limited dissenting voices and will not see any true reflection of the disparate opinions that the Chinese people may have on China's troubling economic trajectory, given that media is under the firm thumb of the Chinese Communist Party," he wrote.


Right now in the US, dissenting voices are being censored left and right, literally. Libertarians and anti-war, economic progressives can barely be seen or heard due to the extreme marginalization carried out by the corporately controlled media in the US.

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