Two things plus one slammed Jeremy Corbyn's ascendancy

Russiagate, alleged anti-Semitism, and Corbyn's mishandling/caving on both slammed his ascendancy.

If he had stayed on the offensive on both Russiagate and alleged anti-Semitism, he'd be a shoo-in.

He started off correctly by demanding sanity concerning allegations that Russia poisoned people in England. However, he joined the May chorus about Russia. He joined those saying guilty before proven guilty, guilty by repetitive allegations that remain unsubstantiated to this day.

He started off correctly concerning Israel when he hammered about Palestinian rights. He caved when under pressure by those seeking to change the subject, which Corbyn allowed them to do.

Is Corbyn strong enough and bright enough to lead the swing to democratic-socialism, economic progressivism if he's going to be caving on such wimpy issues?

He's reminding me more and more of Bernie the cave Sanders. Bernie didn't call out Hillary for literally stealing the primary elections in many states and likely nationally.

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