How Russians and Americans currently see each other is the result of brainwashing

First came the censorship campaign. US plutocrats dictated to their minion media to give vastly less exposure to voices of reason, to voices demanding evidence, not mere allegations pawned off as proof. Then came the onslaught of false-propaganda, which faced no exposure for what it was, as the voices countering the falsehoods had already been removed from the typical scene of the brainwashing of the masses. Then came another wave of censorship, this one more visible, more publicized, more covered for effect. That wave was done that way to lend cover to the first wave. The first wave was when more serious and studious voices were disappeared from sight and hearing.

The result is what we see regarding what Americans and Russians think about each other. It's all the direct result of a massive false-propaganda campaign designed to further empower those who are basically responsible for all the prior sins that the masses had denounced as such.

Having a memory on these issues and being consistent about them is a dead art if it ever even existed much at all.

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