Mike Pence is one dangerous guy!

Mike Pence is slippery hypocrisy on steroids.

In his "Remarks on the Administration's Policy Towards China," he gave the tricky, slick talking points to his fellow rabid neocons at the Hudson Institute.

I'm not sure about the Uyghurs in concentration/reeducation camps. I've read rather convincing information that the narrative is highly suspect. However, much of what Pence states about China's oppressive regime is absolutely true. That's intentional. Tell plenty of truths so the lies and hypocritical statements get lost and bought without thinking.

Is Pence interested in democracy or trade? As soon as a trade deal is readied, will the issue of democracy completely disappear (as usual)? It's the age-old pattern.

Pence is completely wrong on Venezuela. See my last post on that. While Pence touts freedom, his ideological bedfellows in the US marginalize all dissenting voices, voices that are opposed to the Chinese dictatorship but also false propaganda concerning Venezuela. Pence wants the "truth" to come out against Xi's dictatorship but doesn't want the real truth about Venezuela to come out because that would spoil his neoliberal agenda of US-neocon empire over the entire planet at the direct expense of democracy.

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