What the stifling of dissenting views about Venezuela has meant

The marginalization of alternative-news sources of the economic-progressive front has resulted in an uninformed citizenry regarding Venezuela. What the people are not informed about is as follows in a nutshell:

US fracking led to an oil-price drop, as the Saudis tried to punish Iran and slow Russia and the US.

Venezuela suffered because Venezuelan crude oil is extremely heavy and much more difficult and expensive to refine than is most crude in the world.

US sanctions against Venezuela led to other countries joining in at America's insistence, not that it took much prodding.

Venezuelan fascists, who are decidedly anti-democracy, have been posing as pro-democracy and been pawned off as such by the US and Western, corporate, mainstream media.

Endless lies have been told about Venezuela and Maduro so much so that the vast majority of Americans and others haven't a clue about what Maduro has done and was planning to do to lessen poverty and other ills in Venezuela.

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