Vitriolic hatred of right-wing Zionism is an American birthright

Naftali Bennett of Israel, you're a weasel. You couldn't care less about how abusive and oppressive and murderous your ilk is towards people of other backgrounds. All you care about is yourself extended to your closes kind as a reflection of yourself. You whine and whine and whine that nobody anywhere can be allowed to hate what you stand for.

Well, I hate what you stand for, Naftali. You make me sick. Your politics stink. You have zero real heart. As far as I can see, you're a sociopath representing fellow sociopaths. You don't deserve special treatment. You don't deserve to be coddled, to be handled with kid gloves, to have all your blatant, huge, wilful sins overlooked just so your fellows can get away with murder and theft.

So, you don't want me to visit Israel. Well, don't come to America. Things are bad enough here without your evil spirit spewing all over.

Why aren't you blocked from entering America until you repent and work to atone for your disgusting treatment of the indigenous people of Palestine? You aren't indigenous. You're an invading colonizer. You're no democrat. You're for ethnocracy because you're a Jewish supremacist: a racist by definition. You won't get into Heaven with your attitude.

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  • Tom Usher

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