What's the Jamal Khashoggi affair really about?

Turkey is up in arms that Jamal Khashoggi, a Saudi critic of the Saudi government, has disappeared after entering the Saudi consulate in Istanbul, Turkey. The US, mainstream, corporate media has been following the story with a vengeance.

Well, Erdogan sided against Saudi Arabia when the Saudis came down on Qatar. Erdogan is also dealing with Iran and Russia more closely concerning the Kurds and concerning Idlib in Syria. Erdogan has been on the outs with the US over Erdogan's claims that Gulen, who lives in the US, was behind the alleged coup attempt against Erdogan in Turkey. Erdogan has also agreed to buy 2 S-400's from Russia even though Turkey is a member of NATO. Erdogan has also had hard feelings with the EU over migration and his right-wing, sharia-leaning, autocratic ideology. It's quite the mixed bag.

However, he is working with the US military concerning joint patrols of certain generally YPG-held areas in Syria. He's also working with Russia along similar lines concerning a DMZ around Idlib and Russian and Turkish patrols there to keep the sharia-terrorists' heavy arms away from the Syria military, which is close by and was ready to go into Idlib to eliminate the terrorist to the last man if they weren't to surrender. It's still mixed, but it's a vast improvement over how Erdogan had been being just a few months ago. He seems to have settled down a bit. Will it last?

That's the point. The US mainstream tried to put a shine on the Saudi "Crown Prince," MBS, only to have that shine instantly tarnished because MBS turned right around and jailed a bunch of women who want rights that US and European women mostly enjoy. Plus there are the horrific stats coming out of Yemen that show the Saudis are monstrous there.

What it boils down to is now is a great time for Trump to thump the Saudis even more. He already told them to pay up or lose protection (US weapons). Paul Ryan is going to attempt to capitalize on it all.

Trump doesn't want to lose Turkey completely to the Russian-Iranian-Chinese orbit. Therefore, he can't turn a blind eye to the Saudis and doesn't want to anyway. He wants cover to make new deals. Jamal Khashoggi is such cover.

Of course, what really has happened to Jamal Khashoggi? It's an important question in its own right.

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