We should be asking for answers about the Skripals and Bellingcat – and not just from Russia

Certain international agencies that are supposed to be neutral appear to be doing the American-Anglo-Zionist imperial bidding. Why shouldn't Russia attempt to find hard facts from within those organizations? Russia is signatory to many of the documents/agreements that caused the agencies to come into being. Russia is supposed to be treated fairly, as are all nation-states, by those agencies. If the agencies have been corrupted from within by powerful forces in the West that are anti-Russia, it's within Russia's worldly ethical and moral rights to investigate even if undercover.

Bravo! The following has been my contention all along:

... there is a broader and more obvious explanation for Russia’s “behaviour” here – which is that, whether in sport or in matters of chemical weapons, the western allies have closed ranks to exclude Russia from information it is entitled to as a member of these international organisations. In such circumstances, wouldn’t you try to find out what was going on? Might you not also wonder why an apparent attack in an English city was being treated not as a crime – so a police matter – but as “the first use of a chemical weapon in Europe since the Second World War”, which allowed it to be immediately shut behind the impenetrable wall that supposedly protects UK intelligence and state security?


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