Likudnik logic: Only Jews who were still alive from the time Titus leveled Jerusalem had the right to return to Palestine

"Israel says only survivors among the original 1948 refugees should be considered refugees today ...." Then only the survivors among the original Jews driven from Palestine by Titus even have the right to suggest they should be able to return to Palestine. That, however, is not exactly what the Likudniks say.

The Likudniks used to say that all Jews have the right to move to Israel and be automatic citizens. They've change that because they don't want Jews who don't agree with ethnocracy. Apparently, to the Likudniks, anti-ethnocracy Jews are anti-Jews.

It's as if Whites in the US who are for equal rights for non-Whites are race traitors and shouldn't be allowed back in the country.

The hypocrisy of the US government concerning the Likud is astounding. It more than suggests that a secret withheld from the public is a strong racist bent within the US government.

You can't have it both ways. Either the US law of equal rights is right or the Likudniks are right. Which is it? If the US law of equal rights is right, then the US shouldn't be supporting the Likudniks against the Palestinian Arabs right of return.

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