The #MeToo campaign versus the presumption of innocence

Absolutely true:

For centuries, proponents of the democratic right to the presumption of innocence have fought against powerful moods, based on appeals to emotion, mob justice and irrationalism, which view the presumption of innocence as an obstacle in the way of exacting immediate revenge against the alleged perpetrator. Proponents have always insisted that the principle is meaningless unless it applies universally, even to (and especially to) individuals who find themselves in the crosshairs of official public opinion.

The #MeToo campaign’s arguments against the presumption of innocence have reared their heads before, including at the ugliest moments in US history. They run counter to the centuries-long historical struggle for due process and the rights of the accused.
... socialists reject the efforts of the proponents of the #MeToo campaign to undermine democratic consciousness and attack the presumption of innocence with all the old arguments of the extreme right.


I think rape is abhorrent. Men who do it are being extremely evil. Nevertheless, there are women who lie and who accuse innocent men. Such men have been killed because of those lies. That's not even the half of it. Read the entire article by Eric London on the World Socialist Web Site. It's a very valiant effort to stop the reactionaries in their tracks.

I understand that many don't know or understand the history and the reason for the legal principle of the presumption of innocence and how it applies universally before, during, and after a trial. A person must be found guilty by completely fair and reasonable standards called due process. If not found guilty that way, the accused remains innocent in the eyes of the law and should remain that way in the hearts of people.

One might suspect someone, but one doesn't know if one doesn't have the facts establishing guilt. The reason for this is to protect the innocent. You could be such an innocent one against whom accusations are made. Would you want to be presumed guilty and have to prove your innocents? Would you want to have to go through that to get a job or before having any rights? Would you want to live under such a tyrannical system?

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