Concerning Saudi Arabia and MBS, Khashoggi is not an isolated issue

Many people understandably are upset that the mainstream media is drumming on about Khashoggi while the war crimes against Yemen and the oppression of women in arrogant Saudi Arabia continue while not getting as much coverage right now. I don't look at the Khashoggi issue as intended to deflect attention but rather as the straw that might yet break the camel's back.

Yemen and women's rights have not gone away.

Khashoggi, while not being a paragon of virtue to economic progressives, was (is, if he's still alive) decidedly better than "Crown Prince" Mohammed bin Salman.

If people can't support truly needed change in what is now called Saudi Arabia without being disappeared by the Saudi government, then speaking out about Yemen and women in Saudi Arabia isn't going to be tolerated either. Therefore, rather than dwell on what looks on the surface like deflection because of the mainstream media's history, simply hammer away concerning all the various issues at the same time and call upon the mainstream to do likewise. Hold all governments to account.

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