South Africa: Land reform/redistribution is only as good as land-use education and practices

"This government is resolute in our commitment to returning the land in an orderly and lawful manner. We shall not allow illegal land occupations."

The policy is designed to redistribute land to poor black people to tackle severe inequality 24 years after the end of apartheid ....


I'm all for land reform; however, as the title of this post indicates, a policy of land reform should be accompanied by a proper educational system teaching all the best practices of sustainable, ecological land use and seeing to it that such practices are put into place on a permanent basis without delay.

The last thing South Africa needs is to duplicate Zimbabwe's disastrous land-reform experience. White landholders were stripped of their holdings while Blacks who took over the land were completely inexperienced and ill-prepared to use the land in a highest and best way. It wasn't the fault of those Blacks but simply a lack of sufficient education and ongoing assistance.

As for dispossessed White landholders, they should have a safety net under them just as anyone else. It would be wise to keep them fully involved and properly compensated. Integration is the goal, not reverse discrimination.

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