To China: The US doesn't claim the Gulf of Mexico the way China claims the South China Sea. Get real!

It’s not Chinese warships that are going to the coast of California or to the Gulf of Mexico.


Chinese warships have as much secular legal right in the Gulf of Mexico as US warships have in the South China Sea. The only reason the US is pressing back is because the Chinese dictatorship is laying claim to what is not China's but is part of the world commons: International waters. The moment the dictatorship stops claiming what is not China's, the sooner tensions will reduce. If the US doesn't press back, the dictatorship will take that as a sign of acquiescence and weakness. The US does not intend to send that signal or set that precedent.

As for Taiwan, you don't own it, China. The People of Taiwan do, and they have decided correctly that they live under a democratically derived government: a government serving by the will of the People, not a handful of party members holding power by threatening to slaughter people in the streets who want an equal vote in how things are run. Those in the US who went along with the "One China Policy" were wrong. The current and upcoming generations in the US are going to correct that grave error.

Xi, if you persist in your anti-democratic, dictatorial ways, you are going to fall or die, as is your Party. If you want to move to true democratic-socialism, be my guest. You'd be wise to do so. The so-called "free market" capitalists in the US wouldn't like that either, but they are not as powerful as they think they are and are going to convert or fall too.

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