Stepan Bandera - A Nazi Grave in Munich / Степан Бандера - я нахожу его могилу (Intense Video)

Graham Phillips confronts Ukrainians honoring Stepan Bandera at Bandera's grave in Munich, Germany. Stepan Bandera was a Ukrainian nationalist who openly work with, and for, the Nazis during WWII.

Bandera is loved by the neo-Nazi masses in Western Ukraine today. Bandera is equally despised by the progressives of Eastern Ukraine.

The Western Ukrainian Nationalists have literally outlawed all things Russian culture in Ukraine, even though Russians make up a very large percentage of the population.

Right after the CIA-backed coup in Ukraine, Russians were burned alive by the Ukrainian Nationalists, which nationalists were threatening to invade the most progressive and Russian part of Ukraine, it's far East.

That's why Putin sent in food and medicines and allowed Russian nationals to volunteer to fight side-by-side with the Russian separatists in Donetsk. It's also why Putin agreed with the vast majority of people in Crimea when they voted overwhelmingly in a totally free and fair referendum to be annexed by Russia.

One thing you need to know above all else, both the US neocons and the fascists of Ukraine lie through their teeth. It is a marriage of convenience, as the neocons are led by Jews while the Ukrainian fascists are by and large Jew-haters, as in hating all Jews (left, right, and center). Such marriages never last and always end badly.


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