Time for President Putin to intervene and guarantee food deliveries: Yemen conflict could push millions more to brink of famine: U.N.

All its air, land and sea ports were currently functioning, but fighting around Hodeidah was preventing WFP [World Food Programme] workers from reaching its 51,000 tonnes of wheat stocks at the Red Sea Mills facility - enough to feed 3.7 million people in northern and central Yemen for one month, Verhoosel said.


If Xi has any brains, he'll get on board with Putin and other allies and deliver food not only too Yemen but within Yemen and tell the Saudis that if one hair on any Russian or Chinese head is harmed, there will be Hell to pay.

The war in Yemen is utterly ridiculous. The Houthis are no threat to anyone. They are not Iranian puppets. They are democrats and not for an Islamic state but a secular one. Give them a chance. Stop bombing them, Mr. President Trump. Yes, you are bombing them via proxy: Saudi Arabia. You're doing it for the money. That's a sin against the God you claim to believe in! You make the name of the United States to stink among the nations.

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