I was severely marginalized before any of these people knew what hit them. I warned everybody but was a voice crying in the wilderness.

The "alternative news" is loaded, just loaded, with lamentations over many of them being banned from the major, corporate, neocon-dominated social-media sites. Those banned run the entire spectrum with the exception of neoconservatism and liberal military-interventionism. In other words, if you have a large following (because you fill the cliques' needs) and are anti-war or not sufficiently anti-Russia, you're banned. If you had a significant and growing following many, many years ago but were way out in front of the recent wave of "democratic socialism" and likely not into identity politics (which identity politics doesn't bother the MSM social media at all, quite the contrary), you were marginalized ages ago for being much more dangerous to the status quo.

Bernie isn't banned, but he won't be elected President unless he caves in totally (but then, who would need or want him)?

I dropped out of posting to Facebook and Twitter on my personal accounts just in time that I still have both I use for other purposes: wise as the serpent, harmless as the dove.

Tom Usher

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