Jamal Khashoggi: He must have known the Washington Post promotes censorship of dissenters on specious grounds

Jamal Khashoggi worked at the Washington Post. He was a worldly person. He had plenty of governmental experience. He was writing things critical of the anti-democratic portions of the Arab world. However, exactly what was his ultimate world view? Exactly whom did he want to come to power in authoritarian Arab nations? Was he for grassroots democracy or the current US variety of "democracy"?

The Washington Post hates grassroots democracy. The Washington Post hates those who dissent against the US establishment. The Washington Post is pro-war. It treads the line of neoconservative foreign policy and liberal military-interventionist domestic policy on identity politics. It does not allow economic-progressive thought on its pages much at all. It certainly won't discuss in earnest democratic-socialism with democratic-socialists. I don't mean Bernie Sanders's type, who confuse a strong welfare-state with socialism. It will also not give both sides of the Russiagate narrative.

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