Russiagate is: Alleged, alleged, alleged, alleged, alleged, alleged, alleged, alleged, alleged, alleged, alleged, alleged...

How many times does the mainstream media need to be told that Russiagate is an allegation, an unsubstantiated claim, before it penetrates their thick heads? Well, not once. Why? They've known it all along and couldn't care less. They are just doing their masters' bidding: lying.

Whatever any Russians did before, during, and after the 2016 US election doesn't amount to a drop in the ocean. It also doesn't remotely rise to the level of interference or meddling undertaken by the hypocritical, lying US government.

Russians are accused left and right of being members of spy organizations and working in fronts for the Russian government when there is zero evidence on offer that the individuals and organizations are such. They may very well be exactly what they have claimed to be.

The US wasn't fractured by Russians. It was internal politics that ripped up the US. You can't rightly blame Russia for why the US is fractured and getting only worse. In fact, much of what the Russians have been accused of doing would only help get the issues out in front of the public, where they need to be, and stir up needed debate about the plutocracy that is the United States of America: a form of deep-state government that definitely needs to be overturned. I'm advocating the peaceful, democratic method of accomplishing that, but I am certainly advocating for the overthrow of the plutocracy! If you don't like that, tough. Your side loses. Of that, I'm positive.

Only fools and ignoramuses don't know what the neocons and liberal military-interventionists are trying to do to the US. They are the problem! The Russians are not. God bless Russia and the Russian People.

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