This time, Erdogan is right: Saudi Arabia & Jamal Khashoggi

Erdogan's people have the evidence that Jamal Khashoggi was murdered; otherwise, the Saudis, especially the "Crown Prince," would be putting up a huge fuss. They know they're had. All they can do is try to spin things but likely not to much avail. The only way they'll be allowed to get away with anything is if Erdogan cuts a secret deal. What would he hold out for? He's on the other side on many issues, and now he has the Saudis where he wants them. Will they play ball with him? What choice do they have?

Wow, was MBS ever stupid! He thought he had the authority to simply say, "Off with his head" (whether he said it or not regarding Khashoggi). Well, if he's not careful, he'll lose his own.

Trump wants money for the US military industrial complex from the Saudis. He wants the Saudis to be extremely buddy-buddy with the right-wing Zionists against the Palestinians. Trump now has huge leverage too because of Erdogan.

It's amazing how Erdogan's fortunes have been changing now that he's not spouting off at the mouth quite so much. How long will that last? I think it will last as long as he listens to Putin, who is a master of calm while backing up his very serious words — meaning what he says.

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