Economic class trumped race/"identity." Do it again.

"When Black Panthers Aligned with Confederate-Flag-Wielding, Working-Class Whites," by Colette Gaiter, is a solid reminder that economic-class consciousness is the starting place for real democratic-change. All the other ills will be taken care of if we break the stranglehold of the plutocrats, if we put into place grassroots democracy replacing the garbage "representative" system we now have. Representatives are fine, so long as they are subject to instant recall and replacement and so long as they must put forth what the members/constituents want as determined by pure-democratic decisions. Such pure-democratic decisions can include basic principles while leaving some negotiating flexibility in the hands of the representatives. However, the vote of no representative concerning any major decisions not conforming to the principles should be binding upon the People without the People's direct vote on the particular matter.

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