Deceptive title: "US official: Maduro 'looting' Venezuela's gold reserves"

The following is false-propaganda spewed by neoliberals, neocons, and libertarian-capitalists:

Venezuela is in the grips of an economic crisis following nearly two decades of socialist rule.


What makes it false? Venezuela is in the grips of an economic crisis following the Saudis oversupplying the world with cheap oil, which rendered Venezuela's extremely heavy crude noncompetitive (more costly to refine, squeezing profit margins to nothing). Venezuela is in the grips of an economic crisis following US sanctions on Venezuela simply because Venezuela stopped a US-CIA-orchestrated coup to restore fascistic dictatorship in the country and started sharing the wealth from Venezuelan oil with the poor of Venezuela rather than letting greedy Americans take the lion's share. Lastly, Venezuela has not been a socialist state. It has been a mixed-economy democracy under constant attack by those who hate democracy and only hide behind the label while they go about stripping the poor and the land across the planet.

As for the title of the article, Maduro isn't looting anything. The people of Venezuela get the proceeds. Those who want to loot Venezuela are the ones Maduro is fighting against.

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