Neocon Big-Lie Tactic: New blow to GRU: More Russian military spies exposed

Neocon Big-Lie tactic (tell whoppers and repeat them ad nauseam):

... governments in multiple countries [same countries that said Iraq had WMDs it didn't have and on and on and on] have implicated GRU agents in the March nerve agent attack on a Russian ex-spy in Britain, hacking the 2016 U.S. presidential campaign, involvement in downing a Malaysian plane and disrupting anti-doping efforts.

Russian authorities deny the accusations, calling them part of a global smear campaign.


Bellingcat didn't show an image of Anatoly Chepiga when he was young but of Ruslan Boshirov when he was young and left readers falsely thinking they were looking at an old image of Chepiga.

The NSA, the experts in hacking, did NOT have high confidence Russia was behind the hacking.

The shell that brought down the Malaysian airliner over Ukraine had the number of a shell that was in Ukrainian hands for years before it hit that plane. Russia didn't have that shell and neither did the Donetsk People's Republic.

I don't know about the anti-doping thing. I didn't follow the story. If the pattern holds true, however, the Russians didn't do it.

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