Let's not whitewash Stalin

Belarusians gathered in Minsk on Monday to commemorate more than 100 people, including 22 writers and poets, who were executed by the NKVD secret service on Oct. 29, 1937 during Soviet dictator Joseph Stalin's Great Purge.


Just in case you think Russians are all dreamy eyed about Stalin, here's an article on Stalin's Purges on RT dot com. It's a good article. I studied Stalin's Great Purge when I was in college getting my Political Science degree. I wrote a paper on it. He was a maniac.

When Hitler faced off against Stalin, it was two maniacs facing each other. Frankly, I'd say Stalin was the more unstable of the two.

Plenty of what's said about Hitler remains speculation passed off as proven fact. There's no doubt Hitler was a racist, however. Concerning Stalin, there's zero doubt he ordered the Great Purge.

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