Merkel badly mishandled everything that was extremely important

Under her [Merkel's] leadership Germany was the decisive player in managing the Greek debt crisis; Berlin was at the vanguard of a strong European reaction to Russia’s annexation of Crimea, insisting on tough sanctions; and Merkel led the way in welcoming refugees fleeing to Europe in 2015 and 2016.


Angela Merkel treated the Greeks as little better than slaves. Germany could have, and should have, written off Greece's debt for the good of the whole of Europe and the world. Instead, she helped double down on draconian debt slavery for Greece. She did that even while Germany's own debt had been forgiven back in 1954. She did that even while Germany's position via-a-vis the EU affords Germany a totally unfair advantage when it comes to the euro and intra-EU trade.

As for Russia's annexation of Crimea, she should have rightly said that the status of Crimea should be left up to the electorate in Crimea. Crimea had a right to secede from Ukraine when it became extremely apparent that fascists in Kiev and elsewhere in Ukraine were out to lord it over Russian ethnics, which those fascists have done throughout the parts of Ukraine where they dominate. They burned Russian ethnics and progressives alive in Odessa. The Crimean Russians saw that clearly, and President Putin of Russia did also. Those Russians had a perfect right to leave a union dominated by fascists and neoliberals.

Concerning the refugees, she made a huge mistake by going along with the US wars in the Middle East that started the migration in the first place. She should have insisted that those wars be ended immediately and that refugees be returned to their homes.

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