Iran and renewed US sanctions

I want to be clearly on the record concerning exactly what I think about the renewed sanctions against Iran.

First, I do not agree with Islamic clerics being in charge of government, whether directly or indirectly through Iran's so-called Supreme Leader. I want real democracy for Iran.

Second, I do not agree with the Trump administration's ostensible reasoning for renewing the sanctions. I do not believe Iran was pursuing nuclear weapons. I do not agree that Iran has no right to be supporting the Assad administration, the government of Syria, against Sunni militant extremists. I do not agree that Iran has no right to domestically supplied nuclear energy. I do not agree that Iran has no right to missile technology/capability that could be retrofitted to carry nuclear or other warheads.

Third, I am anti-war with no exceptions. It would be wise for Iran to become a pacifist nation.

Fourth, I do not support in any shape or form the Netanyahu administration of Israel. I do not believe that the state of Israel should have been created or expanded in the manner it was and has been. Jews should have been allowed to move to Palestine provided, among other things, there would be no ethnocratic state of the Jews created there. Ethnocracy was already passe, and that's putting it mildly.

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