BDS Egypt and all other oppressive, anti-democratic entities

Israeli right-wing Zionists are constantly whining at progressives by asking why Israel is singled out. Well, Israel isn't singled out. It is time, however, that BDS be global but also expressly against all oppressive regimes. Egypt is obviously a military dictatorship hellbent against any dissent no matter how valid the criticisms against the dictator and his administration. There are plenty of other nations that should be on the list.

I'm fine with not sanctioning basic necessities of life, but everything else is fair game.

I say that democratic socialists should head up the BDS Movement targeting all nations, governments, regimes, you name it, that are opposed to grassroots democracy, that are against democratizing the economy at any level.

There are limits to what can be done right out of the box simply because attempting to BDS totally before alternative sources are made available would result in death for those adhering to total BDS. People wouldn't be able to eat because they wouldn't be able to source enough food if all anti-democratic-economy entities were avoided. This is why the basic necessities of life aspect must be and remain a two-way street. We can, however, certainly do without the "luxuries" of life.

As the movement matures and becomes more and more organized and gains political and economic power, then sourcing solely from non-oppressive and from pro-grassroots-democracy entities would be doable and should be done.

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