On "Trump’s Iran Sanctions Undermine U.S. Interests and Values"

Netanyahu sucks at international relations. He's a proven serial-liar. It's pathological with him. He's a one-man malignancy on the globe. Root him out before you go down with him.

People who've only studied the subject at the 101 level should readily see it. Plenty of high schoolers know it too.

Trump's been marching in lockstep with a foreign-policy maniac.

The way to change Iran is not via renouncing the nuclear-weapons ban deal. There are thousands of better options. Just ask some of the anti-theocracy Iranians for a few of them.

It remains unclear how Iranians will react to the new embargo. Already angry that the JCPOA had not boosted the economy as much as their leaders had promised, Iranians are demoralized and depressed. While most would probably change their government if they could—eliminating theocratic control—Iranians are also proud nationalists [not the two words I'd use]. Given that it was the Trump administration that violated the JCPOA, not Iran, Iranians will have a harder time blaming their leaders for their predicament. Indeed, annual demonstrations November 4 on the anniversary of the 1979 seizure of the U.S. Embassy in Tehran were bigger and more fervent than usual.

It would be a huge strategic loss for Washington if Iranians—traditionally among the most pro-American Middle Easterners—turn against the United States and look instead to strengthen ties with the autocratic rising powers of Asia. With more than eighty million people, many of them extremely well educated, and a diversified economy, Iran is a far better long-term bet than most of its regional rivals. Antagonizing and impoverishing its people in an implausible search for a “better deal” will undermine both U.S. national interests and American values.


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