Russia seen adopting new tactics in U.S. election enlightenment efforts

"... focus on what holds our country closer together." No. I'm not interested in the country ignoring radical ideas and clinging to the status quo "center" at all. I'm very interested in extremely radical ideas as extremely radical solutions required to fix what ails the nation and planet.

It's the neocons and neolibs (globalist crony capitalists) who want to disenfranchise everyone else by claiming that only the neocon, so-called liberal-interventionist, and neoliberal economic-systems are correct and deserve the whole spotlight. They are incorrect and deserve zero spotlight other than what shines the light on their inherent evil.

It's good that Russians are echoing both the right and the left highlighting the differences. Whether they know it or not, their doing us a favor. It's exactly what's needed so the American People will see the stark contrasts and choose the correct ideology: radical-left economics, which Jesus lived by and promoted.

Rather than drumming out the ends of the economic spectrum, lets have the open debate on the merits. Let's not allow those who wish to censor the economic, democratic left to succeed.

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