Robert Mueller's investigation was started by anti-Russian fraudsters and has no legal legs to stand on

There's a great deal of handwringing over President Donald Trump firing Jeff Sessions because of the Mueller investigation into so-called Russian something (meddling, interference, collusion with Trump?). Trump appointed Matthew Whitaker as acting US Attorney General. Exactly how far Whitaker will go without being approved by the Senate as the President's nominee for the position remains to be seen.

We all know that the Russian-hacking narrative was conjured out of thin air by John Brennan or his bosses, whoever they are. We also know the Steele dossier was the result of Democrats buying the services of Russians to conjure up wild stories about Donald Trump. Those two frauds were the basis upon which the Mueller investigation was born. That investigation should never have been even entertained.

We know the FISA court was duped at best concerning requests for warrants about the whole "affair."

So, Donald Trump is the President of the United States. He is the sole head of the executive branch of the US government. He is in charge of the US Justice Department. He has the legal authority to end the Mueller investigation. The Democrats could call for his impeachment, but the Republicans control the Senate, where he'd be tried if the House were to impeach Trump.

The Republicans in the Senate know damn well that Trump and Putin did not collude in anything and that Mueller has zero evidence to the contrary and never will. They would not vote to remove Trump on the Russiagate charges the Democrats would send to the Senate, nor should they.

At this point, anything that comes out of the Mueller investigation that doesn't prove Trump-Putin illegal collusion is evidence discovered in bad faith (unconstitutionally discovered) and should be thrown out of court. It's either that or we live in a lawless nation. Many people think we already do.

If Donald Trump is to be impeached and removed from office, do it for something he actually did or is doing that rises to the level of high crimes and misdemeanors. Otherwise, shut up!

The real constitutional crisis is already in play. It's the very fact of the Mueller investigation, has been all along.

Trump should declassify everything about the entire thing and fire Mueller.

Jeff Sessions should never have allowed it to get started. He meant well, but he screwed up royally.

All of the above comes directly from a non-Trump fan. Donald is still better than what we'd have faced in foreign policy and wars with Hillary Clinton, but Donald is a disaster environmentally and economically. Both will suffer hugely if his policies aren't reined in severely and reversed.

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