Checks and balances (plutocracy) v. purer, more direct, more transparent democracy

Checks and balances is the system of government under which we are all suffering in the US. The object of checks and balances is separate branches of government being independent enough and powerful enough to offset any grasp for total power via any single branch or combination except for all of them at once.

The fatal flaw in checks and balances in he US is that it has, for all practicable purposes, solidified a type of representative government that retards vastly better government.

Rather than emphasizing a government by an informed citizenry, it establishes a form of government that allows plutocracy. Plutocracy is our current form of government pretending to be a democracy. That plutocracy has been trying to increase the power of families so that we have more oligarchical aspects to our plutocracy (rule by the rich).

An informed citizenry stems from transparency. Plutocracy hides things from the citizenry to keep the citizenry duped. There's the problem.

The solution is doing away with our current form of government, our current Constitution, and replacing it with a Constitution that puts transparency front and center, that levels the system so that the poorest of the poor has every bit as much say over how things are run as the richest of the rich has under the current Constitution. If the change can be made via the means outlined in the current Constitution, then fine. If not, the People should start over.

For those who may wish to jump to false conclusions, I don't advocate violence as a means to the end.

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