On "Michelle Obama: Trump’s Birther Lies Were Meant To ‘Stir Up Wingnuts And Kooks’"

Conspiracy theories: 9/11 v. Manchurian candidates Obama (Islam), Trump (Putin): mainly alleged by libertarians and anti-Nazi Zionists; alleged by liberal-interventionists and their neocon allies

It's telling that when 9/11 happened and many people on both the left and right started discussing all the holes in the official governmental narrative that a huge swath of liberal-interventionists and neocons and "government would never do that" others started claiming that anyone who believes in any conspiracy theories is bonkers have been touting huge conspiracy theories themselves.

As for the Birther narrative, newspaper birth-announcements made it clear to me that the Birthers had an extremely weak position. Obama's Presidency would have to have been planned from before his birth and the newspapers would have to have been in on it.

However, the Birth Certificate that the Obama administration finally released was a layered image that people unlayered. The particular image they released was doctored for sure. Why? The reason certainly wasn't honesty. Releasing that layered image, being called out for it, and then never answering about it only fed the conspiracy flames.

Does Michelle Obama address any of that? Has she even been asked?

Donald Trump's little knowledge was a dangerous thing. So was Barack Obama's.

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