On "Rick Scott Claims Fraud, Seeks Florida Law Enforcement Probe Of Election Officials"


We all know that it was a combination of voter suppression, right-wing election fraud, a political US Supreme Court, and a caving Al Gore that put the disastrous George W. Bush into the White House and brought us the illegal invasion and occupation of Iraq and all the other sins surrounding it and cascading after it.

So, here we are with right-wing forces pointing the finger at Democrats in general and alleging election fraud.

Are all Democrats above election fraud? Absolutely not! However, we need hard evidence, not sound bites.

As for Donald Trump, he doesn't understand that as President, he should refrain from convicting particular Democrats before the "evidence" has even been seen. When I say evidence, I mean evidence in full, not one-sided explanations, not spin.

Scott’s campaign and the National Republican Senatorial Committee also sued Snipes and Bucher separately in state court Thursday. He accused Snipes of violating the state’s public records laws by not turning over information about ballots Broward County had counted and the ones still outstanding. Scott and Republicans requested an emergency hearing to force her to turn over the information.

Snipes has not publicly said how many ballots her office still has to count, Politico reported, as tens of thousands of new votes, including many vote-by-mail and absentee ballots came into her office.

In the suit against Bucher, Scott and Republicans alleged Palm Beach County election officials failed to let party representatives properly watch absentee ballots being counted, according to the Tampa Bay Times.


You can't say how many ballots remain when ballots are still coming in.

However, Republicans are claiming things are not decided on that line alone:

Florida law also requires that vote-by-mail and absentee ballots are accounted for within 30 minutes of polls closing. While the other 65 counties in Florida had no problem following this state law, the supervisors of Broward County and Palm Beach County refused to follow that law.

Florida law also requires that the Department of State be given reports every 45 minutes until results are completely filed. Palm Beach County has refused to do this.


The question I have at this point (and the story is still unfolding and will continue doing so) is whether "refused" is the right word. Perhaps it should be "unable" for legitimate reasons.

As for failing "to let party representatives properly watch absentee ballots being counted," that remains an allegation. If it ends up being substantiated, then that would be grounds for recounting them while party representatives are there watching.

The idea of winning at all costs rather than upholding a genuine democratic process just goes to show that Putin and Russia certainly don't control US politics, far from it. The US has been extremely riddled with corruption all my life. It's time we end the corruption. Certain Russians are simply holding up a mirror. If we don't like what we see, we shouldn't blame the Russians but ourselves.

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