Colombia's [CIA-puppet] Duque calls for action against Venezuelan 'dictatorship'

Colombian President Ivan Duque

... accused Maduro -- leader of Venezuela, where economic woes began in 2014 with the crash in the price of crude -- of "clinging to power and exacerbating patriotic feelings in his favor."

Maduro's government has been slapped with a range of sanctions over its crackdown on the opposition and civil society critics.


Well, at least AFP stated things typically left out by mainstream media: 1) The crash in oil prices sank Venezuela's economy because its oil is so expensive to refine and 2) sanctions further crippled the already reeling economy.

Where AFP made its mistake is by claiming that the sanctions came because of a crackdown. The opposition is headed by fascists backed by the US CIA, as always. The whole trouble was orchestrated by the CIA so Venezuela could be dragged back in to banana-republic status. Every progressive, mixed economy that leans more socialistic than the US and that isn't already under US control is targeted by the US through the CIA. The plan is always to undermine until overthrow and a US puppet is installed for the sake of the greedy plutocrats who own the US government and who have designs on the entire planet. The CIA is the most anti-democratic force on the planet. That's its mission: keep democracy under US-plutocracy globally.

Any questions?

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