On "Ukraine rebel regions vote in ballot that West calls bogus"

"The people in eastern Ukraine will be better off within a unified Ukraine at peace rather than in a second-rate police state run by crooks and thugs, all subsidized by Russian taxpayers," he [Kurt Volker, the U.S. special envoy for Ukraine] said Sunday on Twitter.


What a jackass. What an embarrassment for the US government and the American People.

There can't be "a unified Ukraine at peace" while fascists, neoliberal economics, corruption, ineptitude, and ethnic bigotry reign in Kiev, which they due thanks to US foreign policy (typical). Neo-Nazis are outright members of the government. They hate all things Russian. They've managed to make nearly all things Russian and all things socialist illegal in Ukraine. The neoliberals crashed the entire economy. It's a basket case.

As for the governance of Donetsk, Kiev can't hold a candle to it. In fact, neither can the US government. The common people under the DPR and LDR are treated much more equally. The government and social programs are democratic and progressive through-and-through. Only a complete moron or false-propagandist would refer to the Republics as police states or the Republics leaders as crooks or thugs. The Republics are fighting against the fascists of Kiev. Get a clue! The people of the region do not want to be under the pathetic, fascistic government of Kiev, and who can blame them. What sane person would even suggest forcing them back under Kiev as it now stands? Only anti-democrats would.

Here's the deal. Let the US and EU get Kiev to redo its Constitution and policies and practices so that real democracy and human rights prevail there, and then ask the people of the DPR and LPR whether they want some multilateral arrangements with Kiev, the US, the EU, and Russia, etc.

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