How does one carry out terrorist attacks against Israel?

The Nazis invaded France in WWII. There was a French resistance aided by the US. When the Nazis were targeted in France, were those terrorist attacks against the Nazis or just attacks? Sure, Nazis might have been terrified, but the object was to beat the Nazis and to send them back to Germany because those Nazis had no business invading and controlling France.

So, right-wing, fascist, racist Zionists invaded Palestine, occupied Palestine, and have refused to leave. Certain people in Lebanon aid the Palestinian resistance. What's the difference?

Don't tell me the difference is that the Nazis gassed people in concentration camps. There would have been a French resistance with US aid regardless of gassing (alleged or not).

So, what's the difference?

Don't forget, the Nazis claimed that the war reparations from WWI were unjust. They were right about that, but that didn't excuse invading France. There were other ways, better ways, of trying to fix things.

Don't tell me the Jews had a right to the Palestinians' lands. The Palestinians were already there before the Zionists showed up. The Palestinians had been there all along. The Romans didn't drive out the Arabs and their ancestors. They drove out the Jews.

You think the Jews had a right to return and take over? How did they acquire that right? If they can have that right, who can't?

It sure sounds like nothing but might makes right, which, of course, it doesn't.

Along comes Donald Trump, who sucks up to the right-wing Jews because of Trump's New York City real estate connections with the huge Jewish population there. He'd be smarter to turn American Jews against the right-wing, anti-democratic, murderous, land-thieving, unjustified Zionists and their illegitimate state of Israel. He should be for justice, not money.

Look at how he's handling the Saudis. They buy US weapons by the tens of billions, so they don't get slapped around. They invest heavily in the US, so they don't get slapped around. They'll get a slap on the wrist because they've been caught out killing the mildest of dissenters and slaughtering Houthis, who simply want to be out from under, who simply want a real democracy. They aren't "Islamists."

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