Macron is a nationalist anti-nationalist and patriot anti-patriot. Is that clear?

Good points:

If and when a former Rothschild banker starts telling us what the words in our respective languages actually mean, beware. ...
... Xi Jinping is going out of his way to claim China is opening up its economy. That makes him a globalist, right? And globalists can only be nationalists, according to Macron, never patriots? Can we get someone to ask Xi how he sees this? And what about Vladimir Putin? Russia’s been bounced off the global stage through sanctions and allegations, but perhaps he would still like to be a globalist. So is Putin a nationalist or a patriot? Asking for a friend.

Again, according to Macron, you can’t be both. You think about that. What are you?


I know what Macron was trying to say. He was doing it by using very selective, very contextual connotations of the terms nationalism and patriotism. I don't think it worked. It sure didn't work for me. It came across more as doublespeak.

Are there anti-racist nationalists and anti-racist patriots? Are there anti-war nationalists and anti-war patriots? The answer is yes to both questions. Does Macron agree? If not, why not? If yes, why did he say what he did other than to muddy the waters while putting others down in his own mind?

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