Why I back Russia: "Blowback: An Inside Look at How US-Funded Fascists in Ukraine Mentor US White Supremacists"

This is why I totally favor Russia over Ukraine and Putin over Poroshenko.

Max's article is excellent, and he has a book in him about Ukraine. It's only an article, so he couldn't go into everything. He has touched on pretty much everything if you take all of his articles together.

Ukraine has nearly outlawed Russian culture in Ukraine. Russian was removed as an official language even though a huge percentage of the population speaks Russian as a first language. They also outlawed the Communist Party. The Communist Party is legal in Russia and the second most powerful. The Russian Communist Party is democratic, not dictatorial. The US sent snipers into Kiev during the fascist riots so those snipers would shoot people on both sides in order to ramp up the violence, which the West blamed entirely on the Viktor Yanukovych administration at the time. Of course, all of this has been heavily censored in the West. It's standard US operating procedure: back those who are worse then those you're trying to take out. Do that until someone agrees to be America's puppet. It's all of, by, and for US plutocracy, not for spreading democracy but its opposite.

So, yes, if war breaks out between Ukraine and Russia, which I don't want to happen but which Ukraine will cause (with US backing), I won't care if it is stated US foreign and military policy to back the fascists against Russia, I'll be hoping Russia wins completely, crushes the ethnocrats, and institutes full democracy in Ukraine, which should be merged with Russia as one nation.

I hate war, but when it comes, I'll know who's had the greater sin in causing it: The United States of America for backing racist fascists.

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