To the Berniecrats: We need full-strength democracy, not watered-down

Our Revolution and Justice Democrats are both watered down. That's why I don't join either.

We need full-strength democracy, not watered-down. To hell with simply boosting the working class. Peacefully toppling the capitalist class is the only solution. Who thinks we have unlimited time? These Berniecrats aren't rallying the youth to do it.

This has always been the problem my entire life. Nobody, no group, has stepped up to take on the whole system that perpetuates the capitalists simply re-rising to power.

It's why I reached out to the Democratic Socialist years and years ago only to be severely disappointed they weren't a real party. Where are their candidates? They back and endorse people but don't run them as Democratic Socialist Party members. It's stupid.

Why are democratic socialists running as Democrats? Why aren't they running as Democratic Socialists?

The foot dragging goes on decade after decade after decade under the banners of lessor of evils and incrementalism.

"Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Blesses New Push To Oust Incumbent Democrats In Primaries." She's a Democrat, but she's not. Take over or start clean?

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