US charges Venezuelan tycoon [allegedly] tied to government for [alleged] bribery

Read the following carefully:

U.S. prosecutors unsealed an indictment against a Venezuelan media tycoon close to President Nicolas Maduro's socialist government on Monday ....


Do you see anything wrong with it? First of all, "close" to the government is highly subjective. Second, the Maduro administration seeks only a degree of state ownership for Venezuela, but the government is not socialist. If the government were socialist, the state would own all enterprise in Venezuela, which isn't even remotely the case. Venezuela remains a mixed economy.

As for the article as a whole, it reads like propaganda rather than straight reporting. It is entirely one-sided, offering up none of the progressive side of Venezuela. Of course, it's an Associated Press article, and the AP rarely does even a halfway decent job reporting. It does its job, which is promoting neoliberal economics (US imperialism in this case).

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