Trying Julian Assange for espionage against the US is illegal under the US Constitution and grounds for a violent response to restore that same Constitution

Under the US Constitution, the highest responsibility is protecting that Constitution. Any illegal acts by "government" are inherently anti-Constitutional. No exposure of such illegal acts is ever anti-Constitutional or unconstitutional or, therefore, illegal. All excuses that illegal "governmental" acts are legal if they are to protect the US Constitution are inherently indefensible under that Constitution.

Julian Assange's WikiLeaks has done zero that is anti-US Constitution. WikiLeaks has only exposed the illegality of those claiming to be the legal government of the US. Therefore, WikiLeaks has done nothing illegal but has exposed illegality, exposed anti-US-Constitution actions.

Those who have engaged in the illegal behavior are the ones who should be charged, tried, and sentenced, not WikiLeaks and not Julian Assange.

By means of espionage, uncovering the illegal acts of the self-claimed government is legal. Overthrowing that illegal cabal by any means necessary is also legal under the US Constitution. Most people are afraid to say it. I just did.

I'm not advocating violence or any illegal means. I never would. Nevertheless, the secular law is what it is and I have a right and duty to say it and publish it. I just Pressed it, as in the Press, as in Freedom of the Press. I don't need credentials from anyone to do that and never will under the US Constitution as currently amended.

Read: "Why You Should Care About the Julian Assange Case," by Matt Taibbi.

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